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We follow all Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity guidelines, and we are members of the Rental Housing Association of Washington.

We do not accept portable screening reports, nor do we accept any applications from other third party websites that publish our listings.

If you are using a housing voucher, this MUST be mentioned in your application under OTHER INCOME. You must also provide a PDF copy (no Word docs) of the signed voucher statement with your application.

We require a ONE YEAR LEASE for all properties.*

ALL properties are NON-SMOKING, meaning no smoking inside the unit, and no smoking within 25 ft of any building on the property. If you are found to be smoking in the unit or on the property after move-in, this will be grounds to terminate your lease!

Please take a moment to review our application criteria below.


*Lease end date will always fall at the end of a month, and may not be exactly 365 days.

Summary of Rental Qualifications and Application Process


 Good credit history, with a score of at least 600. If you are applying on your own and have a score BELOW 500, it is an automatic denial; or if you are applying with a co-applicant, their score MUST be above 600, and their income must be the main source of income. No credit file is automatic denial.

 Current income = 2.5x total monthly rent.Total monthly rent includes any flat fee for utilities.

NO evictions (last 7 years), and must have positive rental history for last 2 years. If you live with family, this does NOT count as positive rental history. We also verify that the person providing the rental verification is either the property manager (must have active business license), or owner of record.

NO bankruptcies (last 7 years), and must be discharged.

NO open collections on credit report.

We will run a credit check, as well as a criminal background check.

Roommates: If applying with someone other than a spouse, then each of you MUST meet this criteria individually, but your income can be combined to meet the 2.5x total rent criteria.

We do NOT allow co-signers. If you have no credit and no rental history, we cannot approve your application.

Fees & Other Requirements (Please Read)

  • NON-REFUNDABLE Application fee $75 per adult (18+). Each applicant (18+) who will be living in the unit MUST complete an application. *PLEASE NOTE: If your employer uses The Work Number for employment verification, the $75 fee does NOT cover the cost of The Work Number fee. Whatever additional fee The Work Number charges for employment verification MUST be paid by the applicant through Acutraq.
  • NON-REFUNDABLE Move-in/ Administrative fee $250
  • First month's rent
  • Security deposit = full month's rent*
  • Utility deposit $200 (for select properties only)
  • Rekey fee (non-refundable) $165
  • Pets/animals considered on a case by case basis.
    • Non-refundable pet cleaning fee of $300 for first pet and $150 for each additional pet. To be paid at lease signing.
    • We use for ALL verifications.
    • If you are making a request for reasonable accommodation for a service/emotional support animal, you MUST mention this on your application! We use a third party company to verify medical documents for all service animals and ESA's.
  • Proof of rental insurance required, with at least $100,000 liability coverage (Pacific Rim to be listed as "additional interest"). Liability coverage will increase depending on pet status.

*Amount of security deposit may increase depending on credit report and rental history.

In order to process your application, you MUST upload a copy of:

 A valid government issued photo ID (we use this to match information you provide on your application, as well as your credit report). NO MILITARY ID'S PLEASE! Due to DOD guidelines, we cannot accept copies of military ID's.

Copies of most recent 2 pay stubs (copies of checks will not be accepted). NO SCREENSHOTS allowed. The address listed on your pay stub MUST match the current address listed on your application. Applicants must be employed for at least 6 months at current place of employment.

For self-employed or independent contractors, please call us for a list of documents required, PRIOR to submitting an application. Even when paystubs are provided, we still MUST verify your employment with your current employer.

All income listed on your application must have documentation. If you list income on your application, but cannot provide documentation, your application is considered INCOMPLETE. Also, the address listed on your current pay stub MUST be listed as an address on your application. 

Once you have completed an online application, you will receive a confirmation email.  Applications take 2-5 business days to process, depending on the information provided, and how long it takes to get responses. *An application is considered COMPLETE when all supporting and requested documentation is provided. We process ONE COMPLETED application at a time for each unit. Whatever income you list on your application, you MUST be able to provide proof of that income. Pacific Rim Property Management reserves the right to request additional documentation from an applicant in order to clarify information provided on application. All documentation provided must be in PDF format and must have the applicants full name shown.

** Providing false information on an application is grounds for automatic denial! When you sign the application, you are signing that all information provided is true and accurate. **

If you have any questions about the application process, it's best to ASK FIRST. The application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Once a denial has been issued, if an applicant would like other factors to be considered that were not listed on their initial application, the applicant must re-apply.

~Terms, pricing and availability are always subject to change. Pacific Rim Property Management does not list any properties on the MLS, and we do not offer compensation to any brokers. We also do NOT list any properties on Craigslist. ~