FAQ: Can I use my own contractor?


One of the many benefits of working with Pacific Rim Property Management is that our sister company, Elevation Construction Group, is available to serve our existing clients. We have been able to do many renovation projects to help investors increase the value of the property and to help create a nice living environment for our…

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Checking Your Electrical Panel

Maintenance Electrical Panel

Sometimes we get calls about the water heater not working, sometimes something is wrong with your microwave or whatever might be an electrical issue. So instead of sending out an electrician right away we wanted you to look at your electrical panel first. Check out the video to learn more!

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How to submit a maintenance request (work order) with Property Meld

How to Submit a Maintenance Request with PropertyMeld

Within the last year, Pacific Rim Property Management invested in Property Meld, a software developed specifically for maintenance requests (work orders).  As a resident of the Pacific Rim Community, you should have already received an invite to sign up for Property Meld.  If you have not received this invite, please email fixit@pacrimpm.com.

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Septic System Tips

Septic Tank

Most of the properties we manage in the Lakewood area are on septic. Do you know what that means? The difference between sewer and septic along with the dos and don’ts for septic. Do not use it to dispose of… Dental floss Feminine hygiene products Diapers Cotton swabs Condoms Coffee grounds Cat litter Cigarette butts…

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Maintenance days for Lakewood area residents

Maintenance Days

Aloha! We wanted to let you know that when you submit a maintenance request for regular repairs (which does not include appliance repairs), we will send a maintenance tech out on Wednesdays or Saturdays. This is especially for the Lakewood and surrounding areas. The maintenance schedule will be done each Monday, for requests submitted the…

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Military Pay Explanation

How Military Pay Works

Wondering how to figure out what your military housing allowance is? Chris Tighe, retired military, shares his knowledge on how military pay works.

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