Affiliated Companies

As an added convenience for our investor clients, Pacific Rim Property Management Group is affiliated with Elevation Construction Group and Integris Real Estate.  Our clients will find it convenient to have easy access to a general contractor that can assist with any projects in their portfolio or in their evaluation of potential asset acquisitions.  Integris Real Estate is a full-service brokerage that can assist our investor clients in identifying new assets or for selling any current assets.  

Integris Real Estate Seattle WA

Our team at Integris Real Estate is comprised of experienced investors who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and skills to help new and seasoned investors succeed in achieving their real estate goals. Check out our website HERE

Elevation Construction

Elevation Construction LLC is a licensed, bonded and insured general contractor in the State of Washington. We are experienced in assisting real estate investors in evaluating a potential multi-family purchase to outline the scope of work and budget for any renovations in order to get the best purchase price possible. Elevation Construction is always available to our clients who have properties under management that need ongoing preventative maintenance or upgrades to increase value.