6 Tips to help new wave of smart Investors protect their property

Because we are investors and a property management company with an amazingly low eviction rate, we get new investors all the time ask us how they protect their property from putting bad tenants and being one of those famed horror stories that you always hear about and keeps you from ever wanting to become a…

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Things You Should And Should Not Do to Find Great Tenants


Below are some quick tips for you to think about next time you are looking to find a good quality tenant. Since landlords are the highest sued in real estate I think I will start with the things you should not do:   Don’t Discriminate. Not only is illegal, but it is also illogical. You…

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5 Tips For Landlords to Keep your Good Tenants

As you may or may not yet know, the key to having a successful rental property is to first find a good tenant. I can not tell you how many times we screened and selected good tenants only to find they gradually become bad tenants? Why is that? There is a combination of reasons that…

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