As a Landlord, What Is Actually A Maintenance Emergency?

When you are a landlord or property manager like we are, property repairs and upkeep are just routine parts of the job.  Something is always breaking or in need of upkeep.  Tenants tend to think that their particular maintenance request is the most important and is always an emergency!   What Are True Landlord Maintenance Emergencies?…

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9 Basic But Vital Tips for New Real Estate Investors

Tacoma City Scape

Many investors today want to add real estate to their investment portfolios, but they don’t understand the complex nuances of real estate investing or how to begin the process. Real estate investing is substantially different from any other type of investing like stocks, bonds, and CDs, and it can seem overwhelming to brand-new investors  …

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Why a properly installed roof is important?

    This is Chris and I wanted to talk to you all about the roofs and why it’s important to have a properly installed roof. This is something that we work with Elevation Construction Group and we do a lot of work for our clients installing roofs do a lot of exterior work. In…

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