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Pacific Rim Property Management Group is a concierge real estate company created for investors by investors to remove the headaches of property management.

Pacific Rim Property Management in Seattle WA and surrounding areasOur property owners are real estate investors from around the globe who desire that their investment be effectively managed by seasoned investors who share the same investor mindset and focus on maximizing returns through quality resident selection, low turnover, and preventative maintenance to ensure asset longevity.

Our residents are the key to a successful return on investment so we work hard to build a relationship of trust, open communication and satisfaction to create an environment for residents to choose to renew leases year after year. Call us today at 425-201-1998.

Property Management Services Include


Proactive Maintenance



Contact us at 425-201-1998 about property management in Western Washington

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Checking Your Electrical Panel

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Contact us at 425-201-1998 about property management in Western Washington